i was 15 when It got Complicated…

my current Friendster profile page

…I started using Friendster. This is where I first entered the world of social networking and connected with old friends from my elementary school.  I used my account as well to connect with LBFM 97.4 and The UPLB Jocks (seriously) because the jocks then kept on repeating “add us to your Friendster accounts!” on-air. So, I thought activating my then idle account would be the best way to meet the coolest voices in LB! They even had a meet-up party and I was sooo bummed that I wasn’t able to go. Friendster made the people want to explore the Internet more and yeah, make MORE friends to add to their growing number of peers online.

But of course, years passed by, new and trendy social networking sites were established and today, majority of my friends in Friendster moved in to Facebook. Most of us haven’t got the time to check our previous accounts, some already deleted theirs.

Maybe it’s just me, but I still do love my Friendster account. I specifically miss the testimonials and comments from my friends. Lahat na ng bolahan at kamushihan naisulat na. And don’t even get me started on the Affiliations. I do know that upon joining organizations in High School and in College, we were all excited to fill-in that text area. The primary photo option also revolutionized the self-portraits-taking from our camera phones or our friends’, in short… CAMWHORING. Ultimately, this site also served as one of our innocent methods of stalking our long-lost crushes and people we don’t even dare get near to. And don’t ever forget, the notorious relationship status that is It’s Complicated. More and more budding couples are appreciating this status because they feel it’s the appropriate term… i can hear them saying “Finally, they named it!”. As of 2009, the Philippines is still the top-ranking country with the greatest Friendster users. How about that.

So this is my Friendster tribute, ka-jologsan and all. for ol’ times sake: testi naman dyan! LOL 😀


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