Lao Sou Sou: It Ends Tonight

The 10-day adventure has come to its full stop.

The 25th SEA Games Closing Ceremonies was held last Dec 18 in honor of all the participants, delegates and fans. The ceremony didn’t take long. We witnessed a series of performances from the participating countries. The Philippines’ performer sang Isang Lahi. She was okay. It’s funny though, the representative of Singapore is a 14-year-old Filipina and she sang Ryan Cayabyab’s Better World. So anyway, the main event of the closing was the passing of the torch from Laos to Sumatra, Indonesia, which is going to be the host for 26th SEA Games. The dignitaries from Indonesia were also there to grace the event and announced Sumatra as the next host in front of thousands of spectators inside the Lao National Sports Complex. Sumatra’s very own cultural dances were performed as well. I didn’t know that Sumatra has some kind of Spanish-like sound, it was beautiful nonetheless, costumes and all. It’ll be even more beautiful if we could see their faces tee hee. Thereafter, the Lao festivals were featured through various choreography. The awesome display of fireworks wrapped up the whole event and needless to say, we were all satisfied.

It’s just a shame that I never got to watch any event wherein our very own Pinoys played. But TEAM RP did well: 38 – Gold; 35 – Silver and 51 – Bronze, placing fifth out of the eleven participating countries –with only 361 delegates (athletes plus officials). I am so proud! 😀

It was indeed a special year for Laos, ending 2009 with a blast. The country was praised for its gracious hospitality and modern facilities. A lot of critics have doubted the ability of the country to host the event, but expectations were surpassed. Congratulations, Laos!

Today, the streets of Vientiane are as quiet as they were 12 days ago. I miss this kind of serenity in the city. The cold breeze also fills the air again. And in five days, I’ll be back right where I belong after 7 months and 24 days. Can’t wait.

Check out some of the photos I took during the event, I am surely going to miss shooting events.


2 responses to “Lao Sou Sou: It Ends Tonight”

  1. I wish I was there to witness the historical event in Laos. Since, it is the first time and biggest event that Laos ever host.

    1. indeed it was. but with that performance, i think this will just be the first of many events Laos will host. thanks for stopping by! 😀

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