Something Special To Me*

Remember the saying: when life gives you lemons, make lemonades?
yeah, THIS is NOTHING like that. It’s more of we got something much sweeter than lemonades dumped with heavy syrup times a ton.

December 27, Sunday. Ish and I boarded the jeepney traveling from Olivarez to Calamba around 7:30 in the morning. It has been roughly 8 months since we last saw each other and we actually parted on a sour note. But through Facebook chat and YM, we totally got along just fine, like nothing happened. Our ride to Calamba was smooth just like our little chat. Moments after, we arrived at Crossing-Calamba Terminal. We then walked from the Terminal all the way to Walter-Mart because I didn’t have enough coins to pay for a tryke ride; and besides, the weather was nice. Lucky us, when we got to the terminal, the van was just waiting for two more passengers. It was turning out to be a good morning. Did i mention this was my first time to go around Tagaytay City? This was my first time to go around Tagaytay City.

We arrived at 9:15 am. While waiting for Afrhill, who’s gonna be coming from Silang which is just a town away, we ate at McDonalds. Love the breakfast, my first taste of dehydrated fastfood. It was awesome!! Then she arrived, with all her cropped bangs, huge sunglasses, grey tank and black tights ready-for-shoot outfit. It wasn’t the all-too-shrieky girl get-together I had in mind. It was a rather subdued meeting of friends after 8 months. And I liked it.

We started our way to get through our target location. So we aimed for Tagaytay Highlands –apparently, its exclusivity is just unforgiving. After a moment of bitterness because I am not a member of that high-class, snooty village (sorry, still haven’t gotten over it), we went further up at People’s Park. We sulked our souls out amidst the cool breeze and lovely scenery overlooking the Taal Volcano and the well-manicured landscapes. But whatever, we were running out of time.

We went down again, rode the bus all the way to Mendes/z… because Afrhill had another location in mind. Then, she forgot where the park was exactly. So we went back to the city. This trip was costing us way too much, I thought. But I still stayed positive. I knew there we will get something better in this dumpy situation.

Starbucks stop because I had to buy mugs as Christmas presents for my brothers and sisters. It was jam-packed, even the toilet! Afrhill found a way to get us a table at the far-end of the shop. It was the nicest view of Taal Volcano though, for me. Then while we were in the middle of catching-up, Afrhill remembered a place where it was quiet, peaceful and THAT NO ONE can interfere our shooting…

It was an amazing shoot. The sun, the set and the calmness of the whole place. Even though we were all tired and quite hungry from all the loading and unloading, it was all worth it. Like Afrhill said, she will not let that day to become a FAIL. Indeed, it wasn’t a FAIL. It was more than what we had in mind.

We ate dinner at SM Dasma then Ish and I went back to elbi. The driver’s music consisted of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. We were laughing our asses off while singing along.

Attached are some of the photos taken during that one heck of a day. It actually reminded how it feels like to be home.

To view Sun and Secrets feat Afrhill

To view I Don’t Care but I Do feat Ish

*Colbie Caillat – Something Special (2008).


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2 responses to “Something Special To Me*

  1. Finally, you can already say,”I’ve been there, like everyone else!”! Haha! I remember feeling shocked when you told me you hadn’t been in Tagaytay, and that was a couple of years ago. At laaast! Hooray! Nice photos!

    Anyway, is this place still part of Tagaytay? Parang ang sarap mag-picnic! πŸ˜€

    • haha honestly, if i wasn’t all too bitter, i would love Tagaytay talaga. i’ll get over it –in time.

      i am pretty sure you’ve passed by this place πŸ˜€ it’s in Silang na.. πŸ˜‰ daming ngang nagpipicnic!

      thanks for stopping by!!

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