Meat Memories Marinated to Perfection

I miss eating meat.

When I was a kid, I thought steaks and other specially-prepared meat products were made for royalty. This was because whenever I see these dishes on television and magazines, they were always pictured with delicate plating and elaborate ingredients which names I could not even pronounce. The striking contrast of the beef and the side-dishes just make it more appetizing too and well, expensive. So whenever I had a chance to sink my teeth in one of those elegant meals, I was as giddy as a hyperactive child upon loading up on chocolate. When I got older, we had these family get-together weekends; my mom and my aunts would bring different steaks to grill and I was more than delighted to be their connoisseur for the day. I wanted my steak medium rare though, because before, blood in my food freaked me out a little. But the grin on my face after finishing a full meal was priceless.

Social gatherings and holiday celebrations would not be the same if dishes and other cuisine, Filipino or foreign, would not have meat as main course. Even a simple barbecue weekend with the whole family is never complete without the lovely aroma of pork skewers, beef tenderloin and lamb chops filling the air. And nowadays, lamb chops and other meat products are not just for the Queen anymore, everyone who has a heart for tasting these delectable dishes as well as preparing one within the comforts of your home can now avail them and of high quality.

If ever you’re in the Metro area and happen to crave for exquisite meat products especially lamb chops, visit any Meat and Livestock Australia branch or any Monterey Meat Shop and purchase at least 1 kilo of fresh meat products. Every single receipt entitles you to a limited edition All You Need Is Lamb recipe card and fridge magnet set; or if you’re dining out, visit their partner establishments and get a limited edition All You Need is Lamb 2010 planner.

Indeed, we do πŸ™‚

Promo is extended until 31st March. It’s never too late to get a planner and write down the days where you’re going to have a sumptuous dinner with fine lamb chops served.

Eat a whole slab for me, will you? πŸ˜€


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