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Beyond Appalled

Suffrage is not just a phase we have to go through every-so-years, get over it and move on.

I wasn’t able to vote for the very sole reason that I assumed I will be home by May 2010. A month after I signed my contract for extension, I found out the registration for Overseas Absentee Voter (OAV) had lapsed. This just means that for the last 9 years, ever since (former) President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was inaugurated before the thousands of people gathered at EDSA which made me sick to the stomach, my hunger to participate in the National Elections will not be alleviated yet for another six years –or will never be.

With this premise, I know I don’t have the right to complain with what’s happening with the results. I wasn’t in RP researching about the candidates and debating for my candidate, I wasn’t enduring all the publicity stunts in the media, I wasn’t part of the long queue of voters. But I had hope in me that my fellow Filipinos would somehow get abhorrently sick of the kind of politics that we have and take a huge step towards a now-overrated-concept that is change.

On my part, I just don’t get it. I don’t get it why there would be people out there who would blatantly manipulate votes, (just cos you can tweak a computer doesn’t mean you’re good, it just makes you a creep). I don’t get it why people would let themselves be manipulated by the very people who, in turn, will make their lives miserable yet again. I don’t get it why people don’t bother making a stand. I don’t get it why people don’t care. And this will all boil down to money and fake promises these politicians have been dangling in front of our faces for the longest time now. Hell yeah, in a lifetime, we cannot get an easy PHP3000. But falling in-line and voting for someone who hasn’t proven anything he is capable of, except vote-buying, can give us that amount in a snap. Hell yeah, we cannot feed our families with pride and integrity. But I still don’t get it, that’s a great insult to our rights that we constantly fight for, if you ask me.

We have seen this country rise and fall. We have created this image of believing in the power of democracy and integrity. We have seen our fellow Filipinos suffering from the lack of support by the very people who would have helped them with all the power that they have had. But still, a major part of our population don’t seem to care. At all.

To (some of the uninformed) the Voters: Please do take in this sick feeling we have. We know better than this. We can do better than this.

To (most of) the Politicians: You were once like us. Idealistic, hopeful and nationalistic. You wanted change so bad that you entered politics. You promised you’ll never be like our past leaders and their cronies who flushed our government down in poverty, corruption and dishonesty. You cared once. You loved this country once. But somewhere along the way of loving this country that much, you faltered and succumed to your inner-greed. You had people to back you up, you believed them and played dirty tricks to keep your names afloat. You would literally kill someone who will stand in the way of your cheap schemes. Suddenly, you have forgotten about your values and morals in exchange for mansions, cars, exquisite food and power, more power. Because like the people you manipulate and pay to vote for you, you never wanted to serve yourself with honor and integrity –you want fine dining and purring luxury cars and sitting around your throne waiting for the next elections to strut down your asses again in public and promise us the gift of a better country. You took advantage of us. Well, I say, shoved your fake promises down your throats because you already shattered this country with your greed-laden-perspective and plans. I hope you guys are happy and satisfied. I hope you guys can look at the hungry families in the eye and still eat escargot and sip fine wine and suck-up on each other’s arrogance and backstabbing at the end of the day. You control everyone in the system, threatening their whole lives when they turn their backs on you. You want justice, rule of law, resources and the country to be YOU. Wow, good job.

But I hope you know that there is life after death. And you will forever be remembered as someone who destroyed the very home that we have, which by the way, believes that you are a disgrace not only today but for the rest of your godforsaken political career.

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