The Top 22 Things To Do Before Turning 22

I didn't know I can actually give worry a lot of faces. Oh there's another! A blank stare!

The last time I did a list was before I turned 18, and hell yeah all 18 activities were done and good. After four years (has it been four years already?? Good Lord!), I will relive the feeling of conquering a list. My birthday is just a few months from now and I will be celebrating all alone and in a different country. I’m thinking what it would be like. But I just might have to stop thinking about it cos then it wouldn’t be as much fun, would it? Now now, what I’ve listed are pretty easy for the deep-thinkers, but they would be awfully hard yet fulfilling on my part. And maybe I plan to do something else that doesn’t require listing, maybe. So here it goes:

22 Lose 20 pounds (cos I already lost around 10 from the original 30 lbs target). God knows how! I’m kidding! And because I am still iffy about stepping on the scale and that I don’t want to get obsessed…I will be measuring my stats every now and then. Cut five inches around the waist and four around the hips.

21 Get lights and proper reflectors for my camera.

20 Take out old stuff. Spring-cleaning since last year, yes, but there are still a lot. And no, I am not selling.

19 Finish at least two novels! I haven’t finished a novel in the last six months and it’s pathetic and it’s making me rusty. And I have one-hundred titles on my list.

18 Update my ePortfolio.

17 Learn the Basics of Lao –speech and writing. Oh yeah, I can challenge myself. Cos seriously, I hate the feeling of not being able to read and write. šŸ˜

16 Change my hairstyle and my wardrobe. My hair is long. I’ve waited long enough to reach this length, then I realized, it ain’t me. At all. And with wardrobe, not literally trash away my clothes, but it’s more like the way I dress. I don’t want to be caught sloppy-dressed anymore, I’m too old to be sloppy.

15 Compose a vlog. I just want to know how it’s going to be like! And finally upload something on YouTube!

14 In totally related news, record a song, a capella! And upload it as well! Just to add clutter to the site and there are millions and millions of vids on YouTube, I bet my ass it won’t even get ten views at max. I just want to be able to sing in public without me literally facing an audience!

13 Get a high-powered pair of contact lenses. Do I want colored? We’ll see.

12 At least, finish a chapter of my book-to-be. At least.

11 One full day of movie marathon composing of movies I haven’t watched. Can you suggest titles?

10 Do a real photoshoot. Given that I bought my lights and other gear, I am so going to pursue this one. It’s about time I give headshots a rest, I want full-on!!

9 Buy my parents, or if possible the whole family, dinner! Advance celebration, y’all!

8 Cross the Thai-Lao border alone. Oh dear Lord, this one actually scares me just cos I suck at negotiating tuktuk prices!

7 Walk alone around the city especially along the Mekong River.

6 Fast (on food) twice a month. (Habit-formation)

5 Donate blood.

4 Catch up with an old friend whom I haven’t talked to in ages. No person in particular. I guess I have to wait for the nudge. This is going to be awkward, I can feel it.

3 A strict vegan from press time. No chicken-cheats ever again. My heart is weeping. (Habit-formation)

2 Fulfill my dad’s ambition for me to become uhh a real yogini.

1 Audition. Or at least get a chance to audition. Yes, if you have been pestered by my utter pestering on Facebook and on Twitter… you know where. šŸ˜‰

Deadline: The Day before my Birthday. I am actually nervous.


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4 responses to “The Top 22 Things To Do Before Turning 22

  1. I’ll help you with #11, 14, 16, 20 and 22. šŸ™‚

  2. steff

    cole tulungan kita sa #5 kung gusto mo lang po,..

    • Thanks, steff for stopping by! Well actually I just donated blood today! šŸ˜€ medyo masakit yung hemoglobin test but it was worth it. Sana makatulong yung nadonate ko hehe šŸ˜€

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