Walking Alone in the Highway: Breaking and Entering

In my 21 years, I’ve never been out of parents’ sight. Being their only daughter and the youngest in the brood of four, I grew up sheltered and overprotected. I thought our house, or my room to be exact, would be the only place I could ever find happiness and tranquility. But as time and fate would have it, I am back in Vientiane to work…without my brother, or my mom or anyone in my immediate or my extended family. I now live in my mom’s boss’ place with her colleagues. They are Filipinos, yes I’m still lucky, but the decision-making and *dum-dum-dum-duuuum* spending are all on me.

This stint will only last for a few months and I will be going home for good –start my career in RP or maybe, move in to Singapore and shift to a more “creative” career. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about the VJ-dreams-since-I-was-13 thing (we’ll get back on that HAH!), it’s more of taking on the challenge and joining the whole journalism community in pursuing a career in international editorial and photography *hopefully*. But three months is going to take a while. I am, in fact, living on a tight monthly budget fit to purchase only the essential. Suddenly, I can’t even get myself to buy a bath towel, so I resorted to borrowing my tita’s stuff just to save LAK 80,000 (roughly USD10). Even my grocery list has been cut down to three items: coffee, soup and noodles and only those (but yeah, cos I brought all my bath paraphernalia good for three months from RP LOL). I will be doing my own laundry, but I’m still contemplating if I would save a lot of time and resources if I will do them myself or go to the shop every two weeks provided that I will not exceed 3 kg worth of clothing. Oh yeah, contrary to popular belief –I can be stingy but still generous when necessary. And did I mention my place is far from my office? And i meant faaar. Like 5-km-far, hardly the kind of “walking-to-work” someone would prefer. Despite these hang-ups, I am looking forward to the fact that by the time I go home, I lost weight (cos of the walking and the lack of real diet and my yoga exercises), money intact and an improved (and relatively impressive) CV.

I’m overanalyzing yet again and to think, I’ve only been back for two days. So for now, I’ll rest on the thought that I can make this work. I have to. It’s just how a job works…messy, stressful yet the fulfilling feeling never fails to shape you what you can be, even more.


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