Dancing In The Rain

Whoever says there’s no fun in Laos obviously didn’t make friends –at all.

If you’re looking for adventure like water sports, treks or you just want to escape from your stressful city, this place is a MUST VISIT. With a fascinating karst hill landscape and the relaxing laidback environment of the small town along the Nam Song River  –Vang Vieng district in Vientiane Province is the perfect Lao getaway.  In this town, there are far more foreigners from all parts of the world than the locals, lurking around in their board shorts and bikinis, barefoot. Most speak English well; but you know, when you are in a happy place, there’s only one language spoken and that is PARTY. Food and drinks are awesome beyond awesome. And FUN, is not just a word –it’s the way of life.

Vang Vieng is a three-hour drive from the capital. The ride, my dear, is nothing but bumpy and full of sharp curves and puddle. If you got motion sickness, I recommend a huge-ass bag. If you are a fan of water sports, don’t miss the opportunity to go Slinging and Tubing *sic*. Play football with the locals on their makeshift field by the river, eat papaya salad and drink buckets of cocktails and beer while you’re high from endorphins. Go around trekking, kayaking, boating, biking and even just walking. And at night, experience Vang Vieng nightlife under the stars –or in our case, the rain. It’s like what the hedonists say, Eat, Drink and Be Merry… = Vang Vieng.

And as for me… let’s say, the night was so intalksicating, I almost fell off the bridge. 😛


7 responses to “Dancing In The Rain”

  1. Awesome place

  2. Wish I was there!

    1. Come visit Laos! 🙂 Tell me when and I’ll show you around! Thanks for stopping by, Hasina!

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  4. What a wonderful place! I can’t wait to go here and see the karst hills. Thanks for sharing Cole!

    1. …And I’m excited to see you too!!

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