Something for the Table on 10.10.10

Today happens once every so years and we, people of today, will not be able to meet this triple wonder –at least not in this lifetime.

But today is my brother’s wedding and I was there to witness it, all I can say is, it’s amazingly heartwarming.

I guess I was the first among our brood to know about my brother’s high school crush. We went to the same school, and he was just three years older than me. As the annoying little sister that I was/am, I was prying him  and his friends to share some juicy info about his crushes just so I will have a reason to tease him like what they did/do to me. I vividly remember that day when he and his friend were talking about her –to me. It was the very first moment I felt like a sister, you know, going all over your brother’s business and actually listening to his stories.

But she was not allowed to get into a relationship at such an early age (kinda around 14) so they waited until they got into college and they were, to say the very least, inseparable ever since.

Today is not only a very rare occasion to the Gregorian calendar but today also marks the new beginning for two people who met and promised one another a lifetime full of commitment, love and hope. I know every girl’s dream is to get married and wear that gorgeous white dress –but for my new sister, I knew it was more than that. She knew that she will be with my brother, she didn’t need signs to tell her that.  She didn’t need all the wedding luxury because she needed only one person to face the altar with and stand before the eyes of the Lord. And I know, it’s also the same with him.

Congratulations, Anjo and Ate Jenny 🙂

See? That’s why I believe in the one –there is really that one person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. If it doesn’t end well, then maybe it wasn’t meant to be. That you’ll be better off without that person –or something to that effect. Or I’m just a little overwhelmed right now, emotions and romance and all…Nah, I believe that person will find me, no matter what it takes. And like I said, once we meet face to face, we’ll know. ❤


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