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Shine Like A Starbust Into the Sky

Now that we all know how awesome 2010 was, I guess it’s also time to write down yet another notorious set of New Year’s Resolution. But this time around, I am going to make them as simple as possible –as Me as possible (I would like to thank Hasina, another digital native, for her status about New Year’s Resolutions :)). Instead of the usual 10 Things, I’ve narrowed down my list to Five aspects that I want to develop, just cos.

5 Writing and Photography

So now that I’ve decided writing will be my thing, and photography on the side, I should definitely do something to improve these. My brother said it would be helpful if I get books on photography techniques and practice them. Ahh, how I miss holding photoshoots. Well, I have to do so much preparation, at least before I get a 5D. *crossing my fingers*

And as for the writing part, I got my blog and my job to keep me…on my feet!

4 Self-development: Confidence, composure and creativity

Must get back to yoga and fasting. Must believe in one’s abilities. Must be calm and collected at all times. Must get out of my comfort zone.

3 Studies

Taking Masters online is no joke. For an internet-freak a digital native like me, my participation pretty much sucked during the first month…I’m still trying to get the hang of it. And I swear to my college diploma that I will focus. Like really focus. I did that once, devote time for my studies I mean, so it shouldn’t be difficult to go back. I can’t be that rusty.

2 Social Etiquette

Boo my social etiquette, I’m sorry. I cancel, I go, I cancel again when something occurs. In gatherings, I need to be more of a people-person not just through smiling but conversing. And and and! Listening.

1 Expenses

Oh. That. ūüėÄ

Let's light up the sky with fun, laughter, well-wishes, hope and love --let's welcome 2011 with a blast!

Entry title from Loving You is Easy, written and performed by Sarah McLachlan, from the album Laws of Illusion (2010).

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Wherever My Feet Take Me

One of the most exciting parts of ending the year, for me, is to reminisce. 12 months that can also be summed as…Amazing.

10 My Camera and Hua Hin

Last few shots of my Camera

My partner since 2008, my Canon Digital Rebel XS has met its untimely demise while I wading the waters of Hua Hin. Well, it sparked to life after almost a month of putting it at rest, but you know, some of the features don’t function as well. I got over it though, I bought a Canon G12 to get by and it’s actually doing a pretty good job, like my good ol’ DSLR, only that of course, I can’t achieve the same effects when changing lens. I’m okay though, I know I will be okay, it will only be a matter of months (I am still talking about the camera here,¬† not some stories of heartbreak, confessions and utter awkwardness thereafter. No, I’m not defensive! I really am talking about the camera here, and more. Stop taunting me!) before I can finally get my hands on a Canon 5D Mark II, at least if I stop spending on shoes, which I am serious about. Oh, I feel a New Year’s Resolution coming in. If I don’t get a 5D by 2nd quarter next year, I am going to shoot myself in the head. Tee hee!

9 Chopped My Locks

All in Five Months!

Because I wanted Miley Cyrus’ hair, I tried to reach that awfully long length. Then one day, I just realized, long hair doesn’t suit me and my personality. So I layered it because I chickened out upon the thought of cutting it really short. Then after two months, I¬† had the courage to get my “college hair” which was a layered bob. But my hair is naturally wavy so every time I try to blow dry it, humidity always destroys it. I then decided to chop it all into a bob, a sleek and straight one at that. And I received compliments!

Simpocan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

8 Palawan Getaway

My first and only trip in my home country this year. I loved every minute of it. Spent it with good friends and new ones, entirely different atmosphere which made me realize 1) Travel the Philippines more; and 2) Do it with friends.

7 Revisiting Singapore

After eight years and I was given a week to take it all in. And it was heaven! I felt so touristy –and we plan to change that.

6 Trekking Angkor Wat

I felt like I was on the set of Tomb Raider with all my long, curly hair, Lao skirt and flipflops. With heavy gear on my shoulders, the sun rising, all alone in the remnants of the kingdom.

5 Birthday Cross

Who knew that 22 years after I was born, I will be cross-countrying, processing papers and beating deadlines of consulates.

4 Project Digital Natives with a Cause (?) – Taipei

Team Taipei!

The day I called myself a Digital Native was the day I decided that Writing is my thing.

3 Digital Natives with a Cause (?) Thinkathon – The Hague

…and it has given me the trip of a lifetime to walk on European pavements.

2 TCW’s First Anniversary

I celebrated my blog’s birthday, which is rare for me. My baby is one!

1 Becoming a Travel Writer

Need I say more?

The Dummy!

I can’t stop dancing and singing my heart out. I can’t stop myself from blabbing and giving out unsolicited travel advice. I won’t stop. I have (insert name, you know who you are :D) to thank for my best year yet, and I mean that.

HAPPY 2011, dear reader! May prosperity and happiness overflow not only next year but for the years to come.

Your restless blogger,

Cole Walks


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How I Spent My Christmas in Laos

It wouldn’t have worked out anyway. The Noche Buena, I mean, because I’m a (semi)vegan and breaking my six-month-no-meat-diet-well-at-least-picking-them-out-my-meal is not an option.

...At 17. Oh, please, there IS a difference!

So really, I think it’s a blessing in disguise that I was too stubborn to go home during the Holidays. And did I mention the year-long holiday weight I am going to gain in a week? Nnnooo. Never will I undergo that state again. And so, I spent my first Christmas away from home the best possible way I could muster, and that is pondering.

Dec 24

I had work. Apart from sulking on Twitter how I wanted to spend that day alone and chill for a moment, I knew I didn’t have anything better to do but to work anyway. So I wore my red sinh and my red cardigan as sign that it’s Christmas! It was a busy day, you know, we went out and shot some hotels for the company. Then I changed my mind for the nth time and decided to celebrate Christmas Eve the Lao way –a night-out with friends, that is.

We dined-in at Kong View, one of my favorite restuarants in Vientiane. Good food, nice ambience, twinkling lights and the cool Mekong breeze, it’s a romantic place. We had our usual Lao food, ordered the usual drinks, listened to the same band. It wasn’t Christmas-sy, but at least I wasn’t burning my couch at home watching lame-o Christmas movies and finishing a whole pizza, which was my first plan.

After Kong View, we went straight to Romeo. Ah notorious Romeo. I didn’t get drunk ,by the way, but my feet were killing me because of my 4-inch pumps.

Dec 25

And just like after a full feast with fun and laughter back home, I slept until the afternoon on Christmas day. Confessions of a Shopaholic was on when I woke up, however, cable interruptions plagued my enjoyment. I decided to get pizza but apparently, my favorite pizza place was closed. Oh, just great. I went straight to the supermarket, found out that my favorite brand of chips (Filipino brand!) is available here, I went to get some Bibimbap from one Korean resto and watched a Christmas movie on HBO.

Bibimbap, the sides, and Clover Freakin Chips in Laos!

While my friends are out for the night again, partying.

Dec 26

I woke up early given the fact that I was snoozing most of the time on Christmas day. I turned to my TV and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging was on. My friend back home was raving about this movie –and she had all the right to do so. This is how I fall in love with movies. Simple plot, witty lines, relatable characters and a natural set.

Georgia Nicolson is my new Icon hah!

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is a film adaptation of two novels, Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging and It’s OK, I’m Wearing Really Big Knickers by an English author, Louise Rennison. It’s a coming-of-age story of 14-year-old Georgia Nicolson in her quest in finding the perfect boyfriend and holding the biggest birthday bash. Insecurities, boy-related questions and issues, friend troubles and family concerns, the movie circles around growing-up pains and finally gaining self-esteem after all the drama: Result!

Now I’m Thinking..

Christmas weekend away from home, I realized that I wanted to make this a tradition. Every year, I will be spending my Christmas Eve in a different place and just see how they celebrate it, write about it. Of course, that’s going to require a lot of money, but I’ll never know where I’ll end up anyway, cos I’m transient like that.

Second realization, after watching Georgia Nicolson’s story, I missed my childhood by trying to grow up so fast. When I was 14, all I can think about was college and life after that. How I wanted to drive and skipping the bicycle-part. How I thought being single was cool and sassy, so I wanted to be one. And now that I’m 22, I feel that I want to go back to being 14 and take everything a little slower than before.

Third and final realization, there’s the immediate calling for getting over some…situations. 2011 is just a week away and I believe everyone deserves a fresh start. And I mean, everyone. Mina (bestie) and I also already made a pact for the New Year that we are changing our lifestyle. It would be a hard process, definitely, but then again nothing’s ever easy. Just like Georgia, after getting snogged by the boy she likes and that boy didn’t call, falling apart with her bestie, and the impending plans of moving out to New Zealand, she decided to have a soul makeover. She felt better after and everything just fell into place. I know, I know, it’s just fiction. But really, I think some of us can relate to that story at one point in our lives. And there’s no harm in trying to change something, especially if it’s for something to uplift your spirits.

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