Tie A Red Ribbon Today

December 1.

“If a cure for AIDS is not found by 2010, then 1/2 of Africa, 1/3 of South Asia, 1/4 of China & 1/5 of SEA will die by 2015 –a sure cure for population crisis,” –Conspiracy Theorists

I submitted this line for a poster project back in 2006. After four years, what happened exactly?

It’s World AIDS Day, everyone. Tackle HIV prejudice and protect yourself from transmissions.

Let us save lives with responsibility.

World AIDS Day 2006 Tribute

PS So this was a product of poor Photoshop skills. But this was posted in the Institute at the end of the semester (October) until the 1st December. Ah well, proud how I’ve come a long way. HAH!


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2 responses to “Tie A Red Ribbon Today

  1. Sandy Flor

    Disconcerting. Not the Photoshop rendering but the timeframe. And its ironic association to population control.

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