Shine Like A Starbust Into the Sky

Now that we all know how awesome 2010 was, I guess it’s also time to write down yet another notorious set of New Year’s Resolution. But this time around, I am going to make them as simple as possible –as Me as possible (I would like to thank Hasina, another digital native, for her status about New Year’s Resolutions :)). Instead of the usual 10 Things, I’ve narrowed down my list to Five aspects that I want to develop, just cos.

5 Writing and Photography

So now that I’ve decided writing will be my thing, and photography on the side, I should definitely do something to improve these. My brother said it would be helpful if I get books on photography techniques and practice them. Ahh, how I miss holding photoshoots. Well, I have to do so much preparation, at least before I get a 5D. *crossing my fingers*

And as for the writing part, I got my blog and my job to keep me…on my feet!

4 Self-development: Confidence, composure and creativity

Must get back to yoga and fasting. Must believe in one’s abilities. Must be calm and collected at all times. Must get out of my comfort zone.

3 Studies

Taking Masters online is no joke. For an internet-freak a digital native like me, my participation pretty much sucked during the first month…I’m still trying to get the hang of it. And I swear to my college diploma that I will focus. Like really focus. I did that once, devote time for my studies I mean, so it shouldn’t be difficult to go back. I can’t be that rusty.

2 Social Etiquette

Boo my social etiquette, I’m sorry. I cancel, I go, I cancel again when something occurs. In gatherings, I need to be more of a people-person not just through smiling but conversing. And and and! Listening.

1 Expenses

Oh. That. 😀

Let's light up the sky with fun, laughter, well-wishes, hope and love –let's welcome 2011 with a blast!

Entry title from Loving You is Easy, written and performed by Sarah McLachlan, from the album Laws of Illusion (2010).


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