A When In Laos Special: Strike!

The shortest (but equally interesting) walk on TCW………. Lao Bowling Centre, is open from 9AM to 4 FREAKIN AM! Of course, we didn’t stay there until 4. But imagine that! At one point in your everyday routine and you feel like hitting someone in the face but you just can’t –drive by the centre and strike your heart out! For about USD10, round after round, plus bottles of tall Beer Lao and food! And the staff? Really nice people!

Have fun!

Oh alright, alright… I can’t bowl. I don’t bowl. That sounds pretty strange and a little prissy, but I’m poorly-coordinated. I might end up mopping the floor with my face and hit the pins instead of the ball (hitting the pins, I mean)! But I documented it…don’t I, at least, get props for that? πŸ˜€


3 responses to “A When In Laos Special: Strike!”

  1. Only in Laos that you’ll find a bowling alley stays open that late. The funny part about it, they do not advertise those hours. If you drives by late at night, the place looks like it is closed. All the lights are off, but if you drive up to the gate and honk the horn.. someone will run up to open the gate for you. The latest I’ve ever stay was til about 4am then head straight out to “Ta Lard Xaow” morning market for some hot noodle soup. Then head straight to bed before the sunrise… That’s what I love about Laos and miss it so much..

    1. Hey! Wow, stayed until 4AM then pai kin khao piek??? Amazing! I think the reason why they don’t advertise the opening hours cos they don’t need the “publicity”…people just come in! Plus you know, I don’t think they would want to open until 4 every single day, it’s like COME WHAT MAY! But what the hey, I’m a blabbermouth, so I featured them!

      Thanks for stopping by. Why do you miss it? You left Laos already? 😐

      1. Why do I miss Laos? Because I miss my friends and families there.. miss the foods and the simple life.. Comparing to the rat race life style in the U.S. I try to go back for a visit about once a year..

        Oh yea.. I love khao piek sen :-)… I love this Vietnamese guy kao piek sen at the old movie theater in Hai Sok. It is smack in the center of town, it is where I have my lao breakfast every morning when I stay in the city.

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