Move Over, AirAsia!

Thina and I were cruising downtown looking for some place to eat. Two motorcycles swerved in front. We have had enough of motorcycles cutting our way that day but instead of roadrage, I heared “OMIGOD! You have got to take a picture of that, take a picture!” Since I’m blind, especially during nighttime, I was just all “I can’t see.”

“It’s a plate that says Malaysia!”

Without a word, I fished out my camera, trusted the zoom of my G12, and there it was —


For real!

You can drive from Malaysia to Laos? On a bike?? *scribbling* Man, traveling amazes me!

Prayers going out to the victims of earthquake and tsunami.. We’ll make it through..


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2 responses to “Move Over, AirAsia!

  1. PockLan

    Whoaaaaaaa amazing!!!

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