…My First Stop

So we have this section in our magazine that features expats in Laos completing the phrase “Vientiane Is..”. I’ve been receiving interesting accounts and really felt the “love”, so to speak, for the country. They  also inspired me to write one my own; or I’m just looking for an excuse to write yet another emo  post because I’m fasting today and I haven’t eaten anything for 22 hours already.

Ahh, Vientiane Is, where to start?

Way back 2009..

I’m pretty sure this is also the line of thought that’s racing inside our heads, by our, not only expats. I’ve been walking on Lao soil since 2008, ever since I became an intern at Vientiane Times. It was my first month away from the comforts of my hometown, my little pink room way back in Los Banos (LB).  My undergraduate thesis was also based here. I returned to LB to finish my studies and consequently, planned my “career-woman” phase –to explore the possibilities of working for publications in Makati City and then after two years, to apply to Law school.. of some sort.

But all that changed as soon as I sat on my desk, in my new firm, hired as  a Communication Officer. And now, a travel writer!

Within the past 22 months, I’ve been Lao in more ways than wearing sinh to work. It’s amazing that until today, I still strike as Lao whenever I meet new people. Once I open my mouth though and can’t utter a decent sentence in Lao, then they’d be all “You’re not Lao?”  Oh well. Believe me, I’m trying! To speak, I mean.

I eat Lao food like nobody’s business. I’ve started picking up Lao expressions (aow?!).  My career as a “writer/photographer” has sprung here. Heckyeah, this place was the reason why I have this blog and was able to travel across continents. And oh, I also sang in front of an audience! I love being here because it’s convenient. Laidback. Peaceful. Yet fun. Motivating. Challenging. All at the same time. This is the place that I will be talking over and over again once I fly and explore new territories. This is the place that taught me self-sufficiency, independence –humility. This is the place that proved, dreams do come true.

With that, Vientiane is where you can be whoever you want to be and live the simple yet fulfilling life you never thought possible –it will always be true to your heart.

Now, I’m listing down the stuff I want to eat as soon as it’s 7:01 PM.


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