Don’t Worry, Len, They WILL Grow Older

Hah! My constant nagging to come to Laos finally paid off! I’ve managed to convince one to visit me! Well, okay, she’s my bestie–still! We didn’t waste any time. Drinks, food, more drinks and some cool band, the experience was unbelievable! I guess they were extra special because Len was around. It’s different when you’re spending it with people you practically grew up with.


Len, Mei and I go way back high school. We are what you call BFFs, minus all the boy-drama and catty fights. We had a lot of fights during high school though, but I guess, when you’ve spent all these years together–you grow up.

But Mei is busy with her professional life as a tutor, and Len, well, Len is turning 23 so she decided to spend it backpacking around SEA. From Manila she flew in to Singapore, from SG to Phuket, Thailand and boy-watched there before realizing that the men are, in fact, pushing prams. Then from Phuket, flew in to Udon Thani, where I picked her up. We crossed the border, and we’re home!

Welcome to Vientiane!

It’s exciting when your best friend from home meets another best friend from home! Len, Thina and I went to Paris Cocktail and La Suite Bar, introduced her the famous Thina-Long-Island, AMFs and Jello shots! Since Len hasn’t been drunk all her life, Thina and I were on a mission to intoxicate her. I mean, this is Laos, for crying out loud! You never get out of this country not satisfied with alcohol. I ignored the  fact that Len doesn’t drink beer, which is ridiculous because Beer Lao is a must, but whatever… cocktails it is! Yeah, she didn’t get drunk. She was really tipsy, which was a huge achievement. Thina and I, on the other hand, were dead.

The following day, we were at Joma with some of my colleagues. I just wanted her to see the places I hang out and maybe she’ll like them too.

On her last night, we went to an anniversary party! LangKorng, literally behind the camera, is a group of photographers in Vientiane. They were celebrating their first anniversary, and since I’m a new member, I took Len there. She enjoyed the party mostly because of the reggae/ska band playing. It is rare to find one of those, and it was actually a pretty cool band. The only thing missing was the beach!

All good things come to an end, Len spent her 23rd Birthday on her last day in Vientiane! After our lunch at Pricco and some birthday cakes, I dropped her off the bus station to get to Udon.  We hugged each other and we’re all, see you soon!

Less than five days after she left Vientiane, I was back in my hometown. All three of us, together again.


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