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Two (Months) Late

*knock knock* I’m still here!

No, I didn’t abandon this site, okay? Cole Walks is very much alive! And if you thought/wished it was dead, hate to break it to you, but it’s sticking around.

I was just going through a lot these days–transitioning from one career to another, to be exact. I cannot fully stress enough leaving Laos was a huge decision and how everything changed as soon I hopped on the plane to Bangkok and took a final look at my GMS-life, at least for now.  After taking a huge step and leave my home for two years, here I am, on board a new journey in a different country. I’m undergoing the same process all over again–getting to know people, the environment, the culture and of course, getting the job done– before I can finally say, “everything’s fine”. I’m in Singapore now, everyone! I finally reached the first stage in achieving my decade-long dream.

I had so much fun in Pattaya and Bangkok before I headed back to the Philippines (see photos below!). Then  before I turned 23, I arrived in Singapore and visited family..explored possibilities (enjoy my month-long-foodtrip-captures below!). And well, what do you know, everything fell right into place. But change is not all sugar plum. As expected, my trips are now kept to a bare minimum. I’m still going to have some  getaways, but it won’t be as much as I had several months back. At first, I freaked out for my blog. In essence, this blog has been helping me map out my destinations. But then again, I thought, I need this. I need to take a break from spending–to save up for future travels. Even bigger and more exciting travels, I hope. Transition do require changes in lifestyle, even if that meant choosing challenge over comfort. *sighs*

I’m staying optimistic that my time here will top my experience in Laos, in a different way. I am never going to be too old for partying with friends or going on a whimsical backpacking adventure, but I guess, I have to think of the future first before anything else.

I guess this is what growing up feels like.

I’m going to figure something out. I have to. After all, I just renewed my domain. 🙂


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