That One Day


Just want to take a moment of silence and pray for my grandma. We miss you, Lola! Happy Birthday!

Right, a special date on the calendar. We, as in today’s generation, will only be able to experience triple-wonder-dates until next year. So I decided to reflect what I did on these special dates–if, in fact, they are boring and mundane, I have all the excuse in the world to book a ticket to any destination I want for next year, just cos.

01.01.01 Celebrated New Year with the family back in my hometown. I think I wished to get slightly taller. Yeah, I think I grew an inch since then. Oh oh oh, and I wished to get accepted to that particular Art School in the Philippines. Yeah, I didn’t get in. It was for a four-year acting curriculum; then I felt so bad that I failed the entrance exam, so I put all the drama and frustration on paper. Ah, funny how things work out.

02.02.02 I think we had an exam that day. I was a Freshman in High School.

03.03.03 Mmm, can’t remember. I was probably in my room, sulking about how I am not doing anything on a special day.

04.04.04 All-out preparation for the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT). Yeah, I was always worried sick about exams and schoolwork.

05.05.05 NOW this one is interesting. On this day, I received the rejection letter from one international university I applied for. It was bad–I cried all night because I wanted to leave my hometown for college. This time in my life, I knew I wanted to travel already, so getting out of Los Banos at 16 was all I wished and hoped for. I don’t know what was with me and growing up fast. Well, six years after–guess where I’m working now *bats eyelashes*

06.06.06 Everyone thought the world was going to end on this day. I think people were panic-buying a week before this.

07.07.07 A high school batchmate’s 18th birthday! You see, 18th birthday is our ‘coming out’ party–the counterpart of Sweet Sixteen in the US. This was a big deal. I’m glad to have remembered that.

08.08.08 Probably worrying about my undergraduate thesis. And my upcoming birthday. *smiling sheepishly*

09.09.09 I was in Laos already. My mom, brother and I ate out that night. I can’t remember where exactly, but we went out. Because we always do HAH!

10.10.10 My brother got married! That was a special date for both families, alright!

11.11.11 Plans for today: Work, Blog (yey!) Gym, Sleep until 10 tomorrow. It’s going to be lame, you say, but for me–that’s the way it is.

12.12.12, I hope I’ll be able to complete this 12-year-date-craze with a blast not just for the heck of it but something to put in my experience bank. Although, seriously, it wouldn’t hurt to make every day a special day.

Happy 11.11.11!


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3 responses to “That One Day

  1. Jose Paolo Cheeseman Calcetas

    Happy anniversary to your blog my dearest siobe…. I just remembered, I think 08.08.08 was the last time we got to personally see each other =)

  2. Hah! Next time po! Sayang talaga yung judge-stint… Pano na ang aking sweet revenge? LOL joke! But seriously, I wish I was there to be one of the esteemed judges of DSSPC. I was once part of that!

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