A Christmas Wish

At Raffles City

This year, I pray for:

1) Good health and wealth for my Family

They visited us over the weekend. It was like I was transported back to my hometown. We ate at our favorite restaurants in town, they watched a movie (I was at work, it’s cool though, I didn’t want to see the new MI anyway hah!), and we had a blast catching up. My family is just awesome;


2) My ‘Carpet’ Back

It’s way too early to leave the country. I want to see more because I know there is.

16th December. Cagayan De Oro City, Iligan City and several other towns and provinces in the Philippines were devastated by tropical storm Sendong (International name: Washi), one of the strongest typhoons ever hit the country this year. Mindanao is rarely visited by such;  and this tragedy wiped out communities leaving over 1000 dead, hundreds of thousands individuals homeless, and PHP1B worth of damages–rescuers lost count of the missing bodies. Please help the families affected by coordinating with the Philippine Red Cross. Let’s pray and extend a helping hand this Christmas, especially during this time of need.

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