Bangkok: Hipster Edition (With Special Promdi Commentaries)

(Promdi is Tagalog for someone who grew up in the province; setting foot in the city proves to be an interesting challenge. This also roughly translates to ban noc in Lao)

Growing up in a university-town, and finally getting out to start a career in the city (of a different country, that isn’t exactly as bittersweet as Manila or as manicured as Singapore), I know that nothing will ever be overrated to my promdi eyes. I will still look at skyscrapers wide-eyed; will still be fascinated with anything convenient (transportation, accommodation, food and groceries, etc), and will still contemplate if fighting for a spot in the city (New Yoooork) is what I really want, or if I’m cut out for it (didn’t exactly work the first time around, but I’m staying optimistic–small-town girl wants to  make it in the big city–how generic). I guess traveling is my way of environmental-scanning, testing the waters. Really pricey trial-and-error efforts, but I call it seeding (that’s how we do it).

Over the weekend, I went to Bangkok with (of course) PockLan and Jit. It’s that AirAsia promo fare again you book two months (or even longer) prior to the trip via Udon Thani, a border-cross away from Vientiane.

I like Bangkok. I’ve always liked Bangkok. This trip, though, I wanted to explore more; so with the help of some friends who are based there, I had a glimpse of the Bangkok Hipster Scene during daytime. Apart from the obligatory shopping, which I did at Siam Paragon and Central World *condescending laugh* (relax, it was only at the Gap and Uniqlo, respectively. Fine, and Zara. And MNG. They were on SALE).I went all the way to Bangkok to attend mass at the Assumption Cathedral, which is really beautiful (btw). I had my first taste of Dean & Deluca, which is apparently the closest you can get to New York City yuppie-diet; and I took the taxi (I’ve never been in a cab all alone, not even in SG) and BTS on my own (for the first time; was thinking about Bangkok Train Love Story throughout the trip to keep me calm). Oh, I also got to experience a design gallery of Thai Creatives at the Emporium. I realized there’s more to the city than frilly-Korean-garments at Platinum and the classic som-tam (we had some grilled chicken-Portuguese style? It’s good. But I still think Mom’s pan-grilled chicken is better). There are other places I want to see, so I have to get my travel funds ready for some city-culture-studies. I could always take the bus when I’m desperate, cos I’m still ban noc like that. And proud of it.

All photos were taken with Hipstamatic and edited with PicStitch. All I need are those plastic frames in yellow-green, then I could totally run the world. Hah!


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