Playing Barbie: Pilot

My pseudo-photoshoot with Mae remains to be one of my favorite shoots to date. Not like I did a lot.

I just decided that if I can’t travel, I might as well make do of what I have at home. Well, first stop is makeup.

Makeup is a part of me. I used to be a celebrity-wannabe and anything colorful and stylish has to be in my hands pronto. I began joining wedding entourages when I was two, hence I started wearing makeup when I was two. I couldn’t stand keeping my eyes open when my mom lines my bottom lashline, and end up crying and smearing the kohl down my perfectly applied foundation and blush. I absolutely hate it when that happens, so every time my mother ‘forgets’ her makeup kit at home, I play with it. And they say, practice makes perfect. I am not a hustler in painting people’s faces, obviously. I guess it’s one thing to know how to apply makeup expertly, but total makeovers are another.

I do own a ridiculous amount of makeup–palettes, brushes, blushes, shadows, lip color, tubes of mascara, pencils, eyeliners–all the works. I practically invested in those things. Why? It’s that one thing I call ‘Past Life Syndrome’. I cannot, for the life for me, articulate my extreme affinity with any of my interests. I mean, most people can come up with utterly inspiring reasons why they love to do this, or to do that, but I am just drawn. Since words fail me, I have no choice but to leave the justification of my obsession to my past lives. And mind you, makeup is just one interest out of the long list of activities I spend most of my time, and resources on. I probably lived multiple times before, I wonder how they went. Hmm.

Anyhow, since I am on full-time student mode (my internship is coming to a close real soon), and my travels are on an all-time-low (*shudders*), perhaps I could humor you with some makeup…notes? I really don’t want to name it ‘tutorials’ because they are already a lot going on YouTube, and Michelle Phan is also my makeup Goddess, but a little sharing couldn’t hurt, now could it?

On Mae: 1) I plucked her eyebrows. We’ve known each other for less than 24 hours and I already plucked her eyebrows. She said it was okay. I told her if it’s all painful, she can slap my hand away. She didn’t.

2) Swabbed on some toner to get rid of shine and leave the skin with a matte finish. Mae has perfect skin, mind you, but it’s kind of automatic to me.

3) I used Revlon PhotoReady Makeup (005 Natural Beige), and a blending foundation brush. Using that kind of brush leaves the foundation light and non-cakey.

4) Benefit – Confessions of a Concealaholic. Yep, the whole nine yards.

5) Finish off with loose powder.

6) Victoria’s Secret eyeshadow are, surprisingly, bright, intense and easy to blend. I attempted to create the smokey eye but with bronze tones. Light shadow for base, then darker bronze on the inner corners of her eyelids. Finally, shimmery black shadow for the effect.

7) Falsies! (aka fake lashes)

8) Who says you can’t use mascara on fake lashes? You have to, actually. This will help the real lashes stick with the fake ones, unless you want two sets of eyelashes. Scary.

9) Victoria’s Secret bronzer to define her cheekbones.

10) Victoria’s Secret highlighter on her brow-bone.

11) Maybelline Gel Eyeliner for a much dramatic effect. I dip my eyeliner brush in water so it’s easier to maneuver the brush along the lids.

12) Eyebrow shadow to fill-in her eyebrows. The darker the better!

13) NYX Round Lipstick in bright coral red. Use a lipbrush for precision.

I am still getting used to the makeup jargon, which will be improved upon real soon. I swear. In the mean time, admire the Black Swan–I mean, Mae. Hah!


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