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What I am writing about is far different from my usual train of thought. Perhaps, I just want to express what I feel about the recent case dubbed as ‘India Gang Rape’. A 23-year-old medical school graduate was sexually attacked mercilessly in a bus in Delhi; she died after weeks of struggling for her survival due to multiple major injuries–not to mention mental and emotional trauma–from the hands of the perpetrators.

Whenever I read about her story, it never fails to break my heart; and no, this is not about how media portrays rape cases. It is very devastating to see how a dream—life at that—is taken away from someone very hardworking and determined by just a group of cruel animals that destroyed her and her family without remorse.

However, what upsets me more is that there are people who have the audacity to blame rape victims (in general). As a woman her age with big dreams like she did, I am beyond appalled, disgusted and deeply insulted by the remarks; and to think I am just a concerned citizen. I could not even begin to imagine how these accusations, the stigma, the pity from people who do not know any better are affecting the families they left behind.

People who blame victims have NO idea what victims are going/went through; their judgement is no different from that of the perpetrators. I do not want to hear any justifications that these allegations are caused by a patriarchal society, and that women are inferior to men. Fathers, and good men at that, will never ever wish their wives/sisters/daughters/female relatives to be put in that place; therefore, will not do any harm to women either. Never.

I do pray for her soul and that she rests in peace; justice for the her family–justice for all the victims of sexual violence. And for the perpetrators, you very well know what you deserve. If that does not involve facing charges and getting sentenced–whatever that may be–then I guess you are really sick. Just like those who are defending you at this point.

India gang rape victim’s father: I want the world to know my daughter’s name is Jyoti Singh Pandey | full story


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I have thought about it, and have decided that looking back to the past year is nothing but a waste of energy. Revisiting scenes and emotions that almost broke me apart is not as tempting as it may seem. Although, I do agree that to move on is to learn from mistakes and experiences–good or bad–but if that learning process should entail a detailed rewind? Spare me.

So I choose to start 2013 with something along the lines of cliches such as ‘clean slate’, ‘blank canvass’, ‘fresh start’; I think I will be better off thinking that imbibing a renewed sense of take in life, career, and other aspects of being a human would help me get up and push. This is not about denial, and escaping ghosts from the past, but about focus on things that do matter. What only matters now, I believe, is the present.

I choose to live today. I choose to let go. I choose to lay off obsessing over the future that, more often than not, go astray. I choose to free myself from struggling for dreams that will remain dreams because reality is much stronger, palpable and tangible than fantasy. I choose to overcome my fear of risking–truly risking. I choose to prove myself worthy of what I deserve. I choose to move forward.

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