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Of Sneakers and Master Degrees

Feeling blessed. In Laos, these cotton strings are tied around one’s wrist for luck, happiness, safety, good health, wealth, etc. What a way to start the new academic year (my last year with the program–hopefully!).

Hey, Stranger!

If you are my Facebook friend, Twitter follower, Tumblr follower, estranged acquaintance, classmate, former/current professor, and/or random lurker–do not get confused with the content of Cole Walks–you have come to the right place.

I have been talking about pursuing my graduate degree online, and the cool thing about it? One of the requirements is to maintain a learning blog. Since I have already invested in Cole Walks’ domain for another year (and my travel stats are plummeting by the minute), I have decided to make use of this space, and hopefully, would be able to share something more apart from travel and culture.

If you are a regular reader, do not be surprised if you stumble upon posts about Development, Social Mobilization, Social Marketing, or any topic that has something to do with social change–that means you have met my alter ego. I am down to my last two semesters with the University of the Philippines Open University under their distance learning program, and my days are filled with intellectual discourses, readings and write-ups that I may or may not be able to survive. But I will try.

On the other hand, if you are of esteemed academic relation, please do not get turned off with my personal posts/adventures/or topics of, or relating to my travel writing days (for example, the Nightlife in some territory). You can skip the gory details of my traveling side, as it is on hiatus, but if you want to know more about Laos, and the rest of Southeast Asia, a little about the Netherlands, about Project Digital Natives With A Cause(?), about confessions of a twenty-something, feel free to browse the dates located on your right-hand side–just in case you get bored with Facebook, or you are killing time while waiting for a classmate’s reply in the Discussion Boards of MOODLE.

This is just a friendly signposting as to how Cole Walks is moving this year. It still is the same old Cole Walks though, I still love telling stories. Enjoy reading!


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Off-Peak, I Guess

Hey, Stranger, welcome back!

Oy, I am a bad blogger. Maintaining a blog sure can be handful especially if it’s about travel, which requires…resources. I haven’t been on my foot an awful lot of times this year. We’re almost half-way through 2011 and I feel that I’m so behind my adventures!

I have my reasons, you know! My Luang Prabang Trip became even more memorable because it was the time I received a letter from One Young World informing me that I am a candidate for the global summit. Honored, yes. Excited, yes. Budget, eep! So apart from scouring for potential sponsors and donors (YOU can be one of them!), I am saving for this trip –which awfully translates to I’m cancelling all my planned trips from May to July. Bummer, yes. But Zurich and an experience of a lifetime are at stake, so I think two months lurking in the city will be enough. I hope. Although, if something comes up that I absolutely need to be part of, I’m down!

But look on the bright side, from August until January 2012, I already plotted a number of trips for you! Hint: There are some cultural-immersions, cosmopolitan walks and beaches! I’m crossing my fingers for these stints. Some destinations will be a first, but most of them are places I’ve visited. I guess, it’s time to discover new things in a familiar place, isn’t it? Second-half of the year is going to be really exciting; in the mean time, you can go through my previous posts and woes.


If you’re missing my stories (I bet you don’t but for the sake of this post!), you can check out my baby, Cole Walks on Paper –I’m kidding! Seriously, you might want to check out the second issue of Visit Laos Magazine, our travel quarterly, if you want to know more about Laos without much blab from the author *wink*. In this issue, I served as the editor/writer/photographer, so I call it my baby, for some reason (the first issue is the God of Visit Laos, hence my idol). This is a special issue because it covers Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) and articles about Temples in the city, hotel info, The List of Must-Tries, flight details, etc. Everything you need in a travel magazine, that is. I also included downloadable maps, just in case!

It’s here!

You can also check out the first issue here.

Don’t forget to visit from time to time, you’ll never know if I happen to win a free ticket or something!

Hugs and toodles,

Cole Walks


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Wherever My Feet Take Me

One of the most exciting parts of ending the year, for me, is to reminisce. 12 months that can also be summed as…Amazing.

10 My Camera and Hua Hin

Last few shots of my Camera

My partner since 2008, my Canon Digital Rebel XS has met its untimely demise while I wading the waters of Hua Hin. Well, it sparked to life after almost a month of putting it at rest, but you know, some of the features don’t function as well. I got over it though, I bought a Canon G12 to get by and it’s actually doing a pretty good job, like my good ol’ DSLR, only that of course, I can’t achieve the same effects when changing lens. I’m okay though, I know I will be okay, it will only be a matter of months (I am still talking about the camera here,  not some stories of heartbreak, confessions and utter awkwardness thereafter. No, I’m not defensive! I really am talking about the camera here, and more. Stop taunting me!) before I can finally get my hands on a Canon 5D Mark II, at least if I stop spending on shoes, which I am serious about. Oh, I feel a New Year’s Resolution coming in. If I don’t get a 5D by 2nd quarter next year, I am going to shoot myself in the head. Tee hee!

9 Chopped My Locks

All in Five Months!

Because I wanted Miley Cyrus’ hair, I tried to reach that awfully long length. Then one day, I just realized, long hair doesn’t suit me and my personality. So I layered it because I chickened out upon the thought of cutting it really short. Then after two months, I  had the courage to get my “college hair” which was a layered bob. But my hair is naturally wavy so every time I try to blow dry it, humidity always destroys it. I then decided to chop it all into a bob, a sleek and straight one at that. And I received compliments!

Simpocan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

8 Palawan Getaway

My first and only trip in my home country this year. I loved every minute of it. Spent it with good friends and new ones, entirely different atmosphere which made me realize 1) Travel the Philippines more; and 2) Do it with friends.

7 Revisiting Singapore

After eight years and I was given a week to take it all in. And it was heaven! I felt so touristy –and we plan to change that.

6 Trekking Angkor Wat

I felt like I was on the set of Tomb Raider with all my long, curly hair, Lao skirt and flipflops. With heavy gear on my shoulders, the sun rising, all alone in the remnants of the kingdom.

5 Birthday Cross

Who knew that 22 years after I was born, I will be cross-countrying, processing papers and beating deadlines of consulates.

4 Project Digital Natives with a Cause (?) – Taipei

Team Taipei!

The day I called myself a Digital Native was the day I decided that Writing is my thing.

3 Digital Natives with a Cause (?) Thinkathon – The Hague

…and it has given me the trip of a lifetime to walk on European pavements.

2 TCW’s First Anniversary

I celebrated my blog’s birthday, which is rare for me. My baby is one!

1 Becoming a Travel Writer

Need I say more?

The Dummy!

I can’t stop dancing and singing my heart out. I can’t stop myself from blabbing and giving out unsolicited travel advice. I won’t stop. I have (insert name, you know who you are :D) to thank for my best year yet, and I mean that.

HAPPY 2011, dear reader! May prosperity and happiness overflow not only next year but for the years to come.

Your restless blogger,

Cole Walks


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