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2014 Means–

At Ao Pa Ka Rang

At Ao Pa Ka Rang

So I spent the last 14 days frolicking (frolicking–I like this word) in the streets of Bangkok, despite ongoing political protests and embodying the deer-in-the-headlights-commuter in the capital city. Since I did nothing but be all touristy, I won’t bore you with the details of my trip such as a slew of hipster food-snaps and check-ins. Instead, I shall share some of the best moments of my trip that, in hindsight actually, have helped me realize a lot of things. About myself, about my family, about life in general. After all, 2014 means–

New Life

It seemed like only yesterday when I wrote this piece as a tribute to my brother and my sister-in-law. Time flies. On the 28th December 2013 at 17:08, James Alexander S. Flor or Jian was born.



The Flor Family welcomes the latest addition to the brood of awesome people--hey, Jian!

The Flor Family welcomes the latest addition to the brood of awesome people–hey, Jian!

My other sibs, Marlo and Jen (the Singapore people), are also expecting. Hopefully, it’s a girl and would totally NOT  look like my brother hah!

New Adventures

Okay, I know. What the hell am I doing in the beaches of Thailand again when I am fully aware that my cameras and Thai waters do not get along (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). But this one is too good to pass up, so I left my camera back in the apartment in Bangkok AND ran away to Koh Samed!

Spent the first three days of the year in this beautiful island.  Nope, not overrated at all, I have to say. Despite the freezing waters and a bit pricey food and accommodation, you get to take home good photos and fun memories. Did I mention I went with my backpacking buddy and BFF PockLan?? Missed this woman soooo much!

To get to Koh Samed, Sai Kaew Beach Backpacker Style

1. Ekkamai Station – there’s a huge sign in from that says ‘Bangkok – Rayong’. Terminal Lady speaks English very well so you’ll be fine.

2. The van will drop you off to Ban Phe Pier where you will book a speedboat or ferry to get to Koh Samed. I recommend the speedboat cos it only takes 15 mins to get to the beach. I’m not really a big fan of ferries *sighs*

3. From Sai Kaew Shore, you can walk to your villa/guesthouse just to be adventurous and get lost in the mini-town. Motorbikes and ATVs for rent are everywhere, so if you want to cruise around the island, go rent that bike for a whole day and enjoy the view.

Top of the world

Top of the world

New Priorities

The New Year is never complete without the obligatory New Year’s Resolution. Now now, I’m all grown-up so I guess ‘no fighting with my brothers’ and ‘no hating on Sarah Geronimo’ could be taken off the list.

Here’s the more mature version:

1) Studies – should get my head back in the game. Ohhh, yes, I’m back in school!

2) Savings – should start thinking about the future–expenses *bangs head on the desk*

3) Stability – should lock in a regular income already to achieve #2

4) Staying Sexy – heh. Cos losing weight only marks the lifelong battle of weight management. Well at least it’s no longer just ‘lose weight’. It’s been like that for the last 14 years.

Wishing you a great 2014, dear reader. Never forget that new beginnings are always just around the corner. 🙂


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Chase You Down Until You Love Me, Puhpuh-Puhpuhrazzi

Bangkok. My idea of shopping paradise.

And no, this isn’t going to be an image-heavy post just cos I got reprimanded twice for capturing my shopping moments, and for shooting a footage of a dance performance shown in public. But that’s one tip for you guys, taking pictures is prohibited in public places, unless otherwise stated. Such a bummer, at least for a camwhore like me.

So, the usual 55-minute flight from Vientiane to Bangkok was turbulent because it was raining. After the long queue of passport control, my luggage was the only thing left going around the carousel –really, it wasn’t turning out to be a good night. I found my parents waiting for me at the exit, waited for the cab driver who was, apparently, waiting for us at the third floor of the airport, ergo the carpark. The 30-minute roadtrip to Kasetsart University was a breeze, almost surprised because roadtrips are not the same in Bangkok without the traffic jam.

The next day, my one and only day to shop –together with my mom and her students, we navigated our way to Platinum Fashion Mall. Damn, I still know my Pratunam! The difference four years makes in that mall. When we went there in 2006, it was newly-launched. Some floors were empty and they weren’t a lot of people going around. But that day? You cannot even walk pass the aisle without bumping to a woman pulling a stroller with a huge-ass sack. Yes, darlings, this is WHERE your clothes come from. Pretty cool, huh?

You know, if I were the one pulling that thing --it won't be for any business of some sort LOL

Back then, you will struggle to haggle the prices –now, just when you’re about to open your mouth to ask for the price, they tell you straight: If you buy three, I give you wholesale *sic*. Some shops actually give in even if you buy two pieces. I bought some stuff for my Hua Hin trip coming in two weeks, which made me more excited. I spotted two satin-y blouses from one store but I figured it wouldn’t work for my trip, so I decided to get them when I come back. I am breaking my own rule, you know.

When in Platinum..once you see something, go get it. Because once you try to go around and canvass, most likely, you will forget where you saw the product –or when you come back, it’s sooo gone.

Rule of Thirds : Buy THREE to get the wholesale price. Looking for one more.

I am such a law-abiding shopper, at least in purchasing and not with the shooting-rule, obviously. HAH

I hope the blouse is still there. Wishful thinking.

Tawandang German Brewery. Famous for its fine beer. And good food. And amazing performances. It also serves as host for big concerts.

Known for their own brewed beer. It was good.

This is what you go here for...

Yam bunsen. *drooling*

For a (semi)vegan, I just pick out the meat and eat the rest.

Green noodle? NOT. This is shredded water morning glory sauteed in garlic and oyster sauce.

Difference between tamakkhong of Thailand and Laos - Thai style has no fish sauce. I like my salad with fish sauce.

All ends with a fruit platter.

Professors from KU, my parents, and my mom's students

Amazing performances from their very own

My attempt to map the hall out

Then the next day was scheduled for my very first speaking engagement. I talked about Social Media, Development and my Digital Natives experience to Master in DevComm students of Kasetsart University (KU). It turned out pretty well. I mean, I’m not the speaker-type but it’s good that we were speaking the same langauge –DevComm, that is.

Discussing about Social Media, Development and my Digital Natives Experience 🙂


Like I said, I'm not the Speaker-type 😀

DevComm Across The Globe 🙂

I blocked the signage, didn't I?

After the lecture, we went straight to the airport. Oh, Bangkok…See you in two weeks! “Promise, I’ll be kind(er)”

Entry title from Paparazzi performed by Lady GaGa.

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