Phởtographic Memory

Please giggle. I spent all afternoon (yesterday) coming up with THAT title! Okay, that’s pathetic LOL

I’ve been meaning to blog about Phở but I just never had that *click* in my head until the feature story for the magazine was conceived. Since I don’t want to interrupt random people during their me-time-lunch-hours, or okay, I’m too shy to ask if I can interrupt them and take a picture plus I know some of them will think it’s invading their privacy although now that I think about it, it’s the best way to introduce the magazine—-I pulled my colleagues out of the office to “model” for the story.  And that, I think, phở tastes even better when you’re with family/friends/colleagues! Here’s how our hour went…

And oh, lunch was my treat!! Special thanks to Ai Tan, Euai Thip, Bou, Dona and Tou! Now we all know what Phở Gold is!

Phở Zap (phở – noodle, zap – alternate spelling of a Lao word meaning good/delicious), located at Khun Bu Lom Rd, Vientiane Capital. beside Chaleunxay Hotel, which is at the back of ANZ Commercial Bank Building.


2 responses to “Phởtographic Memory”

  1. I knew right away you guys ate at Pho Zap by looking at few pictures. It is crazy there during lunch hour. But, there are so many good pho places around town. The other popular one is locate in Phon Kheng, just next to the water tower.

  2. You know, there’s another pho place that my friends love going to… Maybe that’s it, maybe not!!

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