Didn’t I Say I’m Going To Try Vlogging?

Oh yeah, my Digital Natives experience vlog captured using my Sony Cybershot T90, set in front of my college from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. This was shown in the second workshop on Digital Natives With A Cause (?) Project held in Johannesburg, South Africa last November 2010.

Big thanks to my director of photography and editor, Arishka Abiog!

Directed, produced and blabbed by Me yey!


2 responses to “Didn’t I Say I’m Going To Try Vlogging?”

  1. Guess we’re talking generation gap in this video instead of generation loss. In contrast to this, I’m using my mobile device to “document reality” with a minimum of special effects and !st person POV narration. I also prefer using my phone for video capture instead of your high-end digicam since the former is more accessible to the ordinary Joe. Nevertheless, this video is good. But then again, like father like daughter.

    1. So I learned the art of editing print… it’s time for video!

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